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Re: [RC] How To - Share a Trailer Ride?? - Chris Paus

I've got a buddy I share rides with sometimes. She
usually drives. I bring my own horse feed, buckets,
etc. and my own sleeping stuff. She's got a nice LQ
trailer with plenty of room.

We share paying at the gas stops. Rather than divvy it
in half at each stop, we take turns paying. I catch
one stop, she gets the next one. We pay for our own
meals, and usually end up sharing our food at the

I appreciated her bailing me out when I was

I have a trailer now but it's not as big as hers. I'd
be glad to take another rider, but probably would ask
the person to bring a tent as it's pretty small in m
I think you just figure it out between you what will
--- Aaron Turnage <ajandcrysta@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I seem to de-lurk in winter while there's little
riding to do....  =)
My husband recently started his own business and has
permantely taken possession of our one truck we have
(I have a smaller SUV).  We are in the process of
looking for a new vehicle for me but it may be
several months before we can afford something
reliable (our #1 priority).  So I may need to borrow
a ride to events this spring/early summer for my
For those of you that do this, what typically works
best?  I of course would share the cost of gas (plus
a little extra usually for the "favor"), but how do
you usually arrange your own transportation?  Ride
with them, take your own car?  What about camping? 
Tie to their trailer?  We don't have large trees at
most of the ridecamps here in NV so I can't really
high-line to anything.  He ties well but can walk
around and eat incessantly so that can be kind of
"loud" sometimes.  How do you minimize "stuff"?  I
have gone successfully with my tack, crew bucket,
extra feed, etc but my horse eats a LOT and requires
extraordinary amounts of hay (usually 3/4 - 1 bale
for an overnight Friday, come home Sat trip).  Where
do YOU sleep?  I guess a lot of this would vary by
whomever I am going with and their accomodations but
I'm a little stressed thinking I might not get to go
to very many rides this year until we can get a new
truck.  =(
Also, anyone selling a cheap reliable 3/4 ton SUV
(Suburban, Excursion) in the Reno-area?  =)
Crysta & Sinatra (Yeah!  A Slumber party!)

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres


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[RC] How To - Share a Trailer Ride??, Aaron Turnage