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Re: [RC] Thumps - Kristen A Fisher

Anytime the subject of thumps comes up I am reminded of this story. Julie Bullock [DVM] was in TX to head vet a ride in April 2004, and was giving an impromptu lecture about "stuff" she has learned. One point she made was that for research, she wished we would NOT pull horses for thumps, but treat them and allow them to go on, so we can see what will reverse the condition. She likened it to some other studies involving cows and e-lyte imbalances [I think]. Todd Holbrook [DVM] was listening in the audience and pipes up with "That's great Julie but I have never seen thumps in cows!" Julie says "Well then Todd, you are just not riding them fast enough."

She was a real delight.

Kristen in TX

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I've heard that once a horse thumps the first time he is much more
likely to do it again. Is this ture or
just an  "old wives tale?"

Kaboot thumped once...when I gave some non-endurance electrolytes. He never did again. My App that I started out on thumped as soon as he was going good. I didn't know what thumps was, and didn't understand why they kept telling us all these complicated ways to take a horse's pulse when I could easily feel my horse's pulse in my legs. It was back before thumps was an automatic pull and the vets agreed that there was nothing wrong with my horse...one called it a "hyperactive phrenic nerve" so maybe to some extent your theory is right there.



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Re: [RC] Thumps, rides2far