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Re: [RC] watermelon rinds, etc. - Chris Paus

I think I've shared this before, so if it sounds famililar, you can hit the delete key! When I lived in Wisconsin, doing the back to the land thing, we raised our own field corn and harvested it by hand in "shocks," little tents of corn... stalks, leaves, cobs and all. during the winter, the horses would get one or two shocks of corn a day along with hay. they'd eat the stalks, leaves, cobs, everything. These were two of the healthiest horses I ever had. Never had any problems until I put them on commercial feeds!

Sisu West Ranch <ranch@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"...Only thing I don't give is the corn cobs..."
In the Midwest I had a few chances to glean a corn field when the farmer had a malfunctioning picker, and couldn't turn cows out in that particular field.  Some horses would chew the corn off of the cobs, and some would eat cob and all.
I think I remember that Purina got started by inventing the first complete horse feed for city horses 120+ years ago.  The magic ingreedient was ground corn cobs.
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Re: [RC] watermelon rinds, etc., Sisu West Ranch