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Re: [RC] grain founder - Chris Paus

She needs to immediately get him on an anti-inflammatory like bute. At this stage, immediate help is IMPERATIVE. Much of the damage is done from the swelling and reaction.. (laminitis.= inflammation of the laminae)....She can hose his feet, stand him in cold water and wrap his hooves with baby diapers and duct tape to make him more comfortable.
Some vets will do an IV treatment of  DMSO. I don't know how well that works.
A friend of mine has rehabbed several severely foundered horses with an herb called jiagulon. I think if you do an Internet search you'll find it.
agilbxr@xxxxxxx wrote:
My good friends 2 year old QH stud got into the feed room sometime between last night and this morning.  Her dad, who was watching the horses for her while she was out of town, didn't call to tell her until this evening, when the horse wasn't doing well.  She has currently called her vet and her backup vet about 1.5 hours ago, but neither have called back.  At our best guestimate, he and his buddy, a 5 year old QH gelding ate close to 40# of Strategy pellets.  The gelding is feeling fine thank God!
Currently, he's very lethargic and standing with his back feet tucked under his belly.  His feet are warm (not hot) and I THINK I could feel a digital pulse in his front feet.  He's also shifting his weight from foot to foot and won't eat at all.  When we made him walk, he seems off in his front end, but it's hard to tell he moved so slowly.  He is drinking, peeing and pooping though.  We gave him 10cc banamine because he's also acting mildy colicky.  His pulse when I got there to help was at 65bpm, 1 hour post banamine, down to 55bpm, but he's not obviously feeling any better.  I don't know his resting heartrate unfortunatly.
Until the vet calls back, is there anything else we can do for this guy?  I know Kim is worried sick, and I can't blame her.  The vet should have been called immediatly upon finding out the horses had a smorgasbord last night.  Needless to say, Dad is in trouble!
Anyway, help is appreciated, I'd love to be able to give her something constructive to do other than sit there and stare at him.
Juli and Alpine (i'm not allowed in the feed room...)

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