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Re: [RC] My Gal, Val/Hypocrisy - DVeritas

In a message dated 1/15/2005 2:22:49 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
The rest of us are just trying to discuss what
we see as a valid issue with regard to sending the best of the nominees to
represent us.
    I believe all voices need to be heard on this list.  "The rest of us" is whom?
For me, input from all members has value, even the "Guests" like that retired-Air Force guy with the soft heart and hard head, whether you agree with them or not.
    "Group Think" when discussing the welfare of horses, riders or even the "sport" of endurance is (IMO) not a good thing.
    None of us can be considered "right" on every issue, nor "wrong" on every issue.
    So, my opinion, right or wrong, is that the horses and riders at the WEC are there representing THEMSELVES.  I don't for a minute think that they are there, doing that, representing me. 
    As far as Val's horse, whatever happened to it, that's Val's business.
    Trying to change the manner in which individual riders care for their horses could result in individual riders making choices based on the wrong things, rather than what's better for their horses.
    TEZERO'S GOLD Gold is owned and ridden by a superior horsewoman who carries the truth in her heart and evinces it at every turn, in spite of the collective madness that is the pursuit of medals and titles.
    Horses know NOTHING of National Chest-Thumping.
    The WEC is just a horse race.
    For me, that's fine...but attempting to turn it into anything more is just maximization and evidence of serious delusions of grandeur.
    Why are people so desperate for that?
    Have a good and gentle night,