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[RC] Oh behave! - oddfarm

Truman, Pantyman.....really, is this necessary?
All Heidi, Bob, Angie and everybody else who used the SAME subject line are saying is "what if?".
Trust me when I say that if Valerie feels the need to defend herself and or reply, she will. She is a grown gal. And really, there is no need for defending at this point. It is nobody's business what she does with her horses. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it is still no one's business. But, and this is the question,  what if it effects the team?
Very simply put, the question was should someone who is committed to a very important ride, be held to that commitment? I actually thought some very interesting information came out of this thread. Never, ever read it as inflammatory toward Valerie, or anyone else. I, for one could not campaign a horse to go that far and then sell to the competition. But I could never sell a horse that I have owned for more than 2 days, anyway. I can't buy and sell animals. It isn't in my nature.
Some people, including me, feel very strongly about commitments and promises, holding people at their word. I think they call that character. That is what every single relationship is built on, both at work and in our personal lives. I don't think anyone was questioning Valerie's character, just voicing their own opinions about what commitment means.
The question on this thread is, how does that effect our team if someone backs out of a commitment, if it does at all? Like Heidi said, horses and riders have other reasons for backing out besides a sale. If it happens often, does it need to be addressed? If it rarely happens than who cares?
And maybe the "team" is really more like individuals from the same country just doing their own thing. If people back home think otherwise, maybe they are wrong. If it doesn't bother the "team" then maybe it shouldn't bother anyone else. I really don't know how all that stuff plays out but it certainly isn't something to get ugly about.
Lisa Salas, the Odd faRM
I may have a killer endurance mare for sale. Her eyeball alone is worth $10,000. It doesn't work, but it is worth a fortune!