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Re: [RC] Being the Herd Leader - DVeritas

In a message dated 1/15/2005 3:08:33 A.M. Mountain Standard Time, katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You are not a horse, and
your horse doesn't think you are a horse, and it never will. :)
I agree with you Kat (hope THAT doesn't affix anything negative to the veracity of your statement :^)).
    INFLUENCING a horse certainly doesn't make a horse believe you're a horse.
    Even "bad weather" comin' "influences" a horse.
    So, if folks find a way (that works for them) which "influences" a horse to do what it is that person wants them to do, and if it makes them feel good to call themselves a "herd leader," well, I guess, that's good for them.
    But, IMO, they're not...no more than an approaching storm, or knee deep grass....."horse influencer"...yeah.
   Cause even the so-called herd leaders are only those who exert the most "influence" in the herd...if leadership is based on influence, IMO, it's what happens because of that influence that truly defines the type of (so-called) leadership.
    And, if what happens because of the influence we exert on the horse is what WE want to happen, I guess we call ourselves, "communicators", "trainers", and NOW, EVEN "horses".
     I can see the book already, "Bad Weather Comin' Is a Horse."