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RE: [AERCMembersForum] Re: [RC] 100 mile rides - bobmorris

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Having been engaged in the first FEI ride, held in Davenport CA in 1986 and several others along the way, the latest Steph's Arabian Nights, I have found the degree of "stuffiness" or "compounded difficulties" depends on the attitude of the management.and officials. Some of the rides were "FUN", Davenport and Oreana, Some were exact,and disciplined but very fair, Stockholm WEG. Some were a pain and ugly.
As with most anything horse related IT ALL DEPENDS!  The attitude and knowledge of the management and officials makes the ride. One thing that could be an influence is the requirement in FEI venues of particular treatment for particular officials whereas all AERC officials(?) are volunteers and do not expect special treatment. i.e. the AERC officials, and the only one I know of is the Steward when required, are just riders like you and me. The FEI officials are appointed, mandated and have endowed status and often act OFFICIAL.
Any one care to comment?

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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Frank, unless things have changed since we last dual-sanctioned a ride, AERC did not have a steward...only FEI.  I think the various more stringent rules, along with someone to make sure they aren't broken (stewards) was/is part of the reason some of the AERC membership did/does not like the influence of FEI in this country.  I know that several years ago when I was on the board, there was a lot of balking about becoming involved with FEI rules in AERC rides.  Quite likely the opposition has changed a great deal since then.  I can understand why some riders still don't like the FEI influence.  I had hoped that the two entities could be kept completely separate, but it appears that hasn't been the case.  Having stewards and stringent rules certainly levels the playing field and attempts to keep things fair, but some riders would still prefer the older, more relaxed way of conducting rides.  In short, some riders aren't so competitive that they fuss if someone appears to take advantage of the laxity of rules.  I would be interested in others' thoughts on this.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 10:57 PM
Subject: Re: [AERCMembersForum] Re: 100 mile rides

Okay, I've ridden Fort Howes when it was a dual sanctioned (AERC/FEI) ride.  It was still a hundred miles of sheer pleasure and delight.  The vet checks were a bit different, but, being an endurance rider, adaptation ain't so hard.
What I'd really like to know is, does the AERC have a Steward at the dual-sanctioned rides?  If so, great.  If not, WHY NOT? 
An AERC Steward SHOULD be there to represent the AERC, cause the FEI is CERTAINLY represented.  The AERC Steward should avail themselves to AERC members with concerns, questions, bitches or just the need to vent. 
    Perhaps that would help.
    As for me, I liked the FEI folks I talked to and who helped me (I rode as an AERC rider only).  When I finished the 100 at two in the morning, the FEI Steward (Robin) was waiting for me at the finish and was very pleasant to me and my horse.
    BUT, I didn't see an AERC rep there.
    Just wonderin' in a cyber-way....

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