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RE: [RC] How about a Revolution? - Jim Holland

60's and 70's?  How 'bout 50's and 60's?  I'm on board... let's go fer it!

Demonstrations on the street, protest signs, the whole bit. Hmmm...don't
think we should "burn bras, tho". What d'ya think?  <grin>>

Good post, Tom, just let me know where you need me! :)

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

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Since Steph will toast me for a "me-to" post, I'll disguise it in
religious terms :-) :

Amen - brother.

Your brother in the revolution

Jeeze I haven't been involved in a good revolution since the 60's and 70's!

Tom Sites wrote:

  With the passage of time and much reflection of thought, this 
correspondance has come gradually, and not without much 
self-inflection of a 'Has-been' who has been on 3 FEI Teams (66 2/3% 
completion), support at the first WEC, been the Chef d'Cook at 4 
PAC's, Catered the WEC in Ft. Royal, on the first USET Active Riders 
Committee, and seen the current 'Sport' of Endurance at the FEI Level 
evolve to its current state.
My position is simple.
It is time for the FEI Level of Competition to distance itself from 
the AERC and go under the umbrella of the USET and 'Go Its Own Way'.  
This current situation of drugs and money won't 'Go Away', so its time 
for the AERC to do such, if in my mind it will ever salvage its intent 
and purity, and dissolve AERC International.
FEI and AERC may be cousins, but not Brothers.
My Question to you all is...  What would Wendall Do?
tom sites
AERC # 5780
Revolutionarily Yours


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Re: [RC] How about a Revolution?, Truman Prevatt