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Re: [RC] How about a Revolution? - Truman Prevatt

Jim Holland wrote:

60's and 70's?  How 'bout 50's and 60's?  I'm on board... let's go fer it!

Demonstrations on the street, protest signs, the whole bit. Hmmm...don't
think we should "burn bras, tho". What d'ya think?  <grin>>

Good post, Tom, just let me know where you need me! :)

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

On a lazy saturday night, sitting here listening to folk music and the topic turns to revolution. I've been throught two revolutions that has made fundamental changes in my life time. The first was a young boy in a southern state. Yes I remember when the national guard jeeps and tanks rolled around the streets of my elementry school in 1956. I remember two black kids - scared to death - being escorted by a national guardsman one on each side, M1's ready to use.

The cause of right won that one. We're not perfect yet be believe me we are alot better than we were and we'll get there.

Then in the late 60's against a bankrupt foreign policy that was more about a politicians ego than about the best interest of the US and resulted in the loss of over 50,000 lives of our our boys and girls. We won that rebellion also - although there were and are still even now many scars left from that period.

Not that this issue raises to the level of the above - unless you are an endurance rider that cares dearly for your horse. Unless you are an endurance rider that finds the use of performance enhancing drugs absoultely unacceptable. We are at a turning point - maybe not to same extent as triggered by Rosa Parks, or the killing of innocent students at Kent State in 1972, but still but one in which we must all look deep into our guts and souls and determine just what endurance riding means to us and how important our equine partners are to us. It has become very clear that the AERC can't afford to be associated with the FEI any longer.

I don't drug my horses (and I am sure 99.9% of the riders out there doesn't durg their horses)- why does the AERC (with it's advertised zero drug use policy) support an organization that allows drugged horses to compete and win? If the AERC doesn't step up to the plate on this one (no matter what their drug policy says and how much they thump their chest on their superior drug policy) - they are no better than the FEI.



"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein


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RE: [RC] How about a Revolution?, Jim Holland