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[RC] Californios Lite - Long - GarnerT

I haven't seen anything on Ride Camp about the Californio Lite, so I'll put
in my 2 cents.

What a great ride!  It was my first time doing the ride, but since I plan on
doing the 100 (gulp) in June, I thought it made sense to 'preride' the

We took the day off so we got to the camp at about 10:00 or so.  What a
beautiful camp site.  A mowed field with huge oak trees.   There was plenty
of room for everyone to really spread out.

The area & terrain is beautiful.  Some really good climbs, some riding on
forest service roads & a lot of single track trails.  After the first 30
minute hold, we did get caught by some LD riders on that single track trail.
Most were very polite, but they were wanting around!  That part of the trail
was not passable for more than one horse for quite a bit.  They only started
30 minutes behind the 50s, so it was natural they would catch up.  I felt
kind of bad slowing them down, but what can you do when it's not safe to

They did the lunch hold by splitting it up into two 30 minute holds.  We
came in, had a hold, did an 8 1/2 mile loop and had another hold.  I had
mixed feelings about it.  My horse didn't really settle down & eat as well
as he normally did, but the first 30 minute hold was very cold & breezy.  I
had a rump rug, but he was still cold.  (Thanks to the Robinson's for
loaning be a blanket).  I was glad to leave since he was chilled.  The
second hold was nice & warm.  There was a very nice lady (you know who your
are) helping hold horses until her group came in.  Thanks a bunch.  My
husband also showed up.  He hitched a ride with some of the volunteers,
stayed at the vet check until we'd come in for the 2nd time, the hiked out.
What a good husband.

The next hold was 20 minutes - no pulse or vet.  Just let your horse rest &
eat at the checkpoint.  I really liked that, it was very relaxing.  (Except
for the huge swarm of bees that flew over us looking for a new nest)!

The final vet check was only about 4 miles from camp.  It was good to know
we were almost home!

There was lots of water & hay for the horses at all the vet checks, and the
volunteers and vets were wonderful.

I thought the ride was moderate - lots of hills either riding up or riding
down - a lot more work than a flat ride.  It was just terrific.  I would do
the ride again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to the Biehls, the volunteers, and the vets.

Kathy Garner


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