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Re: [RC] Absorbine Jr. rinse - heidi

That's really interesting that I'm seeing all these replies...as I
mentioned, it was common procedure after races/exercising...I must have
used it on literally hundreds of horses. Never saw the reaction you
guys are talking about. Could it be the endurance horses might have had
some cuts or open skin somewhere? Then it would sting like crazy.

And it IS important to put it in warm water. We would also use a
Aborbine/alcohol blend as a leg brace before applies standing bandages.
Sometimes, with thin skinned horses, we would see a mild "scurffing"
after afew days, but never anything else.


The difference with regard to the chilling is that the race horses are
just hot.  They haven't worked all day long, so they don't have the
tendency to chill.  Think about yourself when you've worked yourself just
about to your limit--you feel fine when you stop, but you get chilly
afterward.  The alcohol in the Absorbine Jr evaporates more quickly than
water, hence hastens the cooling process.  Just fine for a race horse on a
hot day, but not so good for a tired endurance horse with evening coming
on.  Keeping that in mind, one might use it on an endurance horse when it
is 100 degrees out--but not when it is mild and night is coming soon.

And yes, there could be more chance of the endurance horse having a few
scrapes and bungs--he's gone through terrain rather different from a

Additionally, the scurfing that you mention is the result of some skin
irritation--the horses you've worked with may not have openly "commented"
about it, but some will!

If the weather is cool, or if evening is nearing, I'm even careful how
much water I use on my horses.  I'd rather have a dirty horse than one
with muscle cramps.  JMHO.  They appreciate a good bath the next day...



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[RC] Absorbine Jr. rinse, Ridecamp Guest
Re: [RC] Absorbine Jr. rinse, Katrina O'Neal