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Re: [RC] bitting question - MJWEST02

In a message dated 5/3/2005 6:33:25 PM Central Standard Time, jonnij@xxxxxxxx writes:
The horse sounds like it has been allowed to be in
charge. It wants to be "in the lead", and has been allowed to do so.  When
she stops at mud or water, she has not been made to go first, but to
"follow" at her speed through it.  The horse has some basic training issues,
that I am thinking will just get worst if not worked on soon.
You are right and I am guilty - but we are working on LOTS of issues here.    Her past is sketchy, but what I know of it the man rode her with a HIGH port bit and used spurs on her.   They also would lead her with a stud chain over her nose!  When I first met her, I fell in love with her ground manners - she does not kick, bite or buck (amazingly!) And I started her and have worked with her PNH.  I am extremely patient with her - never agressive  - but firm (and I could probably be firmer)   People confuse her for agressive when it is FEAR and most likely a hard hand in her past.  The owners bred her to be a show horse (Morgan) but I think they "overbroke" her.   I have a sweet dispositioned horse under all this, but with a lot of learning for both of us.  And TRUST is number one.  I like to trail ride because it helps blow the cobwebs out.  I am way FAR away from anything competitive - so ya'll don't have to worry about me sneaking up your hineys on the trail!  
I have been trying a kimberwick (and just had dental work done yesterday - removed the points and working on getting the waves down) -I AM LEARNING AS I GO - and tonight I rode with a loose rein, neck reined and was happy with her response - (in an arena) I think she tries to OVER FLEX because of her past training, I just want her head down and for her to be relaxed.  I did get a better response with WHOA just by lifting and releasing... much better than in the French Snaffle.
Thanks for ALL  your opinions and experiences...and I will be sure and forewarn you before we hit a ride!!