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Re: [RC] bitting question - Becky Huffman

Stepping into shark infested waters here, but if the mare is responsive in the arena and chargy and fearful on the trail, my first thought is that you are asking too much too soon.  Many people have made good points that it is a training issue, and training involves discipline and trust.  discipline can work, but not well without trust.  If you are working through with trust based training, don't ask her for more than she can give you.  .. go back to baby steps and only ask for very slightly more than she is comfortable giving.  You'll be able to expand that comfort zone bit by bit, keep progressing with the training and fair but firm discipline and the trust will continue to grow as well.
Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
"Of the long years of peace ... there is little tale."
JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion

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From: that I am thinking will just get worst if not worked on soon.
You are right and I am guilty - but we are working on LOTS of issues here.    Her past is sketchy, but what I know of it the man rode her with
head down and for her to be relaxed.  I did get a better response with WHOA just by lifting and releasing... much better than in the French Snaffle.

Re: [RC] bitting question, MJWEST02