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RE: [RC] fearless riders - Bob Morris

I think you are so wrong that it hardly bears comment.


Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID 

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Subject: [RC] fearless riders

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To all fellow endurance riders. Seeing that it snowed here in SC last
night, resulting in a great upheaval in the social system, this would be
a good time to inject a thought to be pondered.   I propose that only
people younger than the age of 40 should apply for the team to go to the
World Equestrian Games. It is a proven fact that the older generation
just cannot "hack it" competing aganist the younger riders. Throughout
the history of horses in wars it is the younger people who are on the
backs of these animals, ie Mosby and his raiders (teenage boys), the
great Khans and their hordes, Jeb Sturart, the list goes on. So what do
you think?  M18416  Buddy 

The very essence of our sport is doing the trail as quickly as
practicable, while keeping one's horse fit to continue.  Taking the
clock out of the equation makes it another sport altogether.  The
challenge is how to keep the sport what it is while honing our skills
(both as riders and as those in control roles) in detecting where "the
edge" is for each horse so that we don't cross it. 
~  Heidi Smith
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===========================================================They're athletes! 
This is a partnership between horse and rider - we don't
have any jockeys out there, just pals and partners. We'd allow a rider with
a broken foot, a sore back and a nasty cold to compete - but we would never
let a horse in a similiar condition hit the trail.
~ Dr. Barney Flemming DVM

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[RC] fearless riders, Ridecamp Guest