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Re: [RC] Conditioning help - heidi

Now, for my conditioning.  Last month, I had her go 5.5 miles in about
an  hour and 15 mins.  Is that good?

I'd look to getting her doing that in an hour or less.

So, What I want to know, IS, if I condition her 3 times a week at around
5  to 6 miles, and slowly increase our speed is that good enough for her
to be  able to do a 22 in april?

Try to do that in about an hour.  Gradually lengthen the distance of ONE
of those rides per week.  Beyond getting to where you can steadily do 5-6 
mph, don't worry about increasing the speed until you've increased the
distance and got some base on her.  And yes, this is enough for you to be
able to do LD distances.


Riding alone is when you teach a horse all the "tools" and "cues" he needs
to handle the trail, to hold a speed, deal with hills, etc. It's also where
you develop the "bond" that causes him to "defer" to you before losing his
~ Jim Holland

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[RC] Conditioning help, kit kat