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RE: [RC] Presidents Cup: (now horse longevity) - Steph Teeter

Teri - one thing that they do differently in UAE is that they spend a lot of
time preparing an individual horse for just one or two races. They don't
campaign their horses all season. They have zero incentives for mileage
accumulation and points for each horse. They do have points incentives for
riders however - but the rider doesn't have to campaign the same horse. IMO
this is for the benefit of the horse. (I have stated before that I think the
AERC award system encourages horses to be ridden too hard). We often see our
(USA) top horses compete in several 100 mile races per season, and also
50's. Great accolades for high point horse/rider team, but very hard on the
horses. I believe that if a horse is to really race, really compete, they
should do so in only a few events - or spread the efforts out over a long
season. If one wants to do a lot of rides, they need to respect the
difference between racing - maximum effort - and just 'getting around'. The
miles aren't such an issue if we're willing to do them with minimum stress
to the horse. But a maximum effort in a 100 mile 'race' (or even successive
50 mile races such as multidays) takes a huge toll on the horse. It's not
that uncommon to see a horse with a fast overall time at a multiday soon
develop lameness issues if the rider continues to race (different from
riding) during the season. It's just too much accumulated stress on the


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That is great that they have all of these items to bring them to the top.
My question is, how long do their horses stay at the top.  One ride, one
season, or years.  I would be interested to know what the winning horse from
last year is doing or the prior years..... Anyone have any
knowledge.........  We talk alot about condtioning a horse not just for the
moment but for years.....

Teri Hunter

I still prefer what it is that BH100, Tevis, The Duck's Soup of Endurance,
etc. has to offer...but, to see a horse canter over sand for those
distances...Good Lord, it humbles me.
~  Frank Solano

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Re: [RC] Presidents Cup: fast fast fast, Teri Hunter