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Re: [RC] buying endurance horses over the Internet....thoughts and questions. - Typef

I'll bite.
I have purchased three horses over the internet and currently have one for sale that way.
The first was a horse for my daughter as a replacement for her old Arabian mare that passed away. We couldn't find anything local that fit the bill and she started looking online. Still couldn't find what she wanted at the price we could afford so I started looking at the endurance pages. We found Wendy Lumpert at CoolDownUnder.com and saw two horses we were interested in. Luckily, Wendy at that time, was only an 1.5 away from us in Cool, CA, so we went up to look. The one my daughter was interested in, wasn't interested in her (something important to a teenage girl) and the other horse just wouldn't leave her alone, following her everywhere. So she never even rode the first horse. The horse she ended up buying, James Dean, came home with us and spent a year and a half with my daughter. Unfortunately, he turned out to be too green for her, even though he is an absolute love and a puppy dog extraordinaire. She got dumped a couple of times because she doesn't have the best seat in the world, concussion, fractured tailbone, etc. Needless to say, she decided he was too much for her. James now lives with me and I love him! We're just now starting our conditioning on him and yes, he's green (Wendy had only had him three months before they had to thin the herd to move to Oregon, so she didn't really know him that well) but he's got what it takes, I think, to make a good endurance horse. We'll find out this year. He wasn't the right purchase for my daughter since it's almost impossible to get her more than a mile away from the stables. That just wasn't Jame's thing. He likes to go the distance! Forget about little Quarter Horse pleasure rides ...
The second horse I purchased on the internet was Tank the Wonder Horse. I had a stable full of non-endurance type mounts and was working on one with issues and getting hurt, so again, I ventured out onto the web. I hit the classified ads at endurance.net and found Tank and Brett and Katey Gies. Many emails later, half with the Gies' checking me out to make sure I would make a good Mommy for Tank and the other half me finding out everything I could, I was on a plane to Idaho to spend three days with Brett and Katey to check Tank out.
In looking at Tank's pictures on endurance.net I didn't think he was the shiniest tool in the shed, but I was at that point where I was more interested in a safe, sound, seasoned mount that I could just pay my entry fee and RIDE. Tank fit that bill. When I got there, I discovered Tank was everything Katey said he was and more. He was beautiful! I walked into the barn and there was this horse, prancing in place in the stall, neck arched, looking like a million dollars. Katey said "That's Tank." I said, "THAT'S Tank???" He'd just had a bath, (not his favorite thing) and she'd locked him up in a stall so he wouldn't get dirty. Wasn't sitting too well with him so he was all drama.
Three days later and three rides later, one of them in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains, I wrote a check and bought a horse. Tank is still everything I ever wanted in a horse and more. He'd already done eight 50's the year before I bought him and it didn't take much to get him up and running. So far, this year, we've done 3 50's and it's only February. Not only is he my bestest buddy, but anyone can ride him and they do. He's taken my beginner husband on many lovely rides, my 70-year-old ex-endurance Dad is in love with him and my daughter rides him also. Of course, this leaves ME with whatever else I think I can stay on that day LOL ... however, now with James Dean in the barn, I think I'm set.
The third horse purchased through the internet is my daughter's new love of her life ... a Percheron Cross PMU foal named Maverick. Now I think she's on the right track ... something big and slow and safe. He's 7 months old and a doll.
My take on buying and selling horses on the internet ... a darn good thing. Without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to purchase the horse of my dreams. It probably wouldn't work for everyone, but in my case, it worked great. I find myself at fault for initially letting my daughter choose a horse that wasn't totally suited to her. But hey ... he's mine now and I was secretly hoping he could be my endurance horse anyway!!! Gee, maybe I DID do that right!!!
:) Jackie and Tank and James Dean
P.S. If anyone knows of anyone who is looking for a kind, gentle Mustang for a teenage girl or somebody who just wants to trail ride, you can look at MC's bio at the Wild Horse and Mustang site. She's seven this year and she needs her own person who will spend some quality time with her. She's just being a pasture pet right now and she deserves better. She didn't work out for me for endurance (not her thing) but she's just a great horse. I just have too many in my yard now and only time to ride two. http://www.kbrhorse.net/mgal/munch.html

[RC] buying endurance horses over the Internet....thoughts and questions., Karen Sullivan