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[RC] Fw: [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.1077 - Chris T. Martin

The Frenchman  (Michel Bloch) forgot to mention that he cut his

Michel let me show Monsieur Joseph (Jo Jo) for BC at the AERC NC ride.  I
had never worked with Jo Jo before.  I got up a couple of hours before BC
showing.  It took me about 5 minitues to show Jo Jo exactly what I wanted
him to do. I thought he was doing pretty well when the crowd started
as he was doing his circles.  He didn't get it so I probably screwed up.
point being he is a very smart horse.  Not bad for an ex cow

Chris Martin

From: "Catfish Daniels" <catfishdaniels@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Michel Bloch & Death Valley Encounter

Hi folks,
This post actually comes from my friend Michel Bloch who took a pretty
tumble at Death Valley Encounter this past December and still is unable
do certain things due to some injuries, including typing.  So he asked
could help him by typing this for him:

Dear Ridecamp:
Many of you have gotten to know me, specially in the past year when my
Monsieur Joseph came in 2nd at Tevis and 2nd at the NC ride.  I'm the
"French man with the little horse", ha!  Anyway, recently many of you
asked where I've been and what exactly had happened at this past Death
Valley Encounter, so I asked Catfish to help me in typing this up.

Well, at Death Valley Encounter, Day#1, we took a pretty bad fall - and
perhaps I'm also writing this for anybody that still isn't convinced
wearing a helmet.  It was a beautiful day, and Steph Teeter, Catfish,
myself were sharing the lead but trotting easily at about 8mph at about
40.  From what Catfish whitnessed, my horse Monsieur Joseph caught a
sand spot and stumbled with his right front leg.  As he tumbled, I fell
first into the ground and my horse landed on top of me.  I was
at that time, which was good as I didn't have to whitness the next part.
Here comes the helmet part:  As my horse was trying to catch footing and
trying to get up from on top of me, he apparently kicked me in the back
my head with both hind feet.  You see, I'm alive today writing this post
because of my helmet.  OK, my helmet is cracked, but not my head.

My horse, who luckily sustained no injuries, ran off towards where we
from, where he was intercepted by the next group of riders, Heather
and Jeremey.  While I was "out", Steph Teeter ran on towards the next
stop to get help, while Catfish stayed with me to help in case I regaind
consciousness.  Steph Teeter, I hope you're reading this because I have
yet had the chance to thank you for having done that.  It was my
understanding that you risked it all, trying to get to the next
get help.  Thank you!!

When I regained consciousness, Catfish informed me what had happened,
that's the last I saw of Catfish, who then passed out himself, ha!  By
Heather, Jeremey & Alan showed up with my horse, I was standing up and
Catfish was on the ground, ha!

I decided to continue and finish the ride and really want to thank you
Heather Reynolds, who rode with me for a while, monitoring me as we
approached the 42 mile vet stop.  Thank you again Heather.  For a while
Catfish thought he'd call it quits at the next vet-stop, but thanks to
Horn who encouraged him, they both rode to the finish in 4th and 5th

So, here's an update:
By time I got home, I couldn't move much.  After several trips to the
hospital and being sent home with only pain medication, I the doctor
found that my shoulder was broken, a muscle had ripped, a couple of ribs
cracked, and a few other things were not quite in order.  However, NO
INJURIES!!  Folks, my helmet saved my life.

Recently one of my dreams came true when I received an invitation to the
President's Cup in Abu Dhabi, and I was due to leave the United States
February 9th.  Due to the inability to ride since Death Valley, I had to
decline.  Heather Reynolds, I will be glued to the television and
and cheer you on.  I wish you all the best!!!!

Unfortunately due to this diversion, I didn't get my entry in on time
Tevis and I'm on a waiting list.  Hopefully they'll remember my boy
little horse") from last year and allow us to start.

Catfish, thanks for your help, and thanks for typing this post onto
ridecamp.  Thanks for my new helmet - it fits well and makes me look not
quite like a mushroom.  Hope to do Tevis with you this year (if WSTF can
me to the list).  You've got a great horse, and he can do it.  I really
your horse.

I wish all of you a great 2004 ride season, and if all goes well, I hope
meet you at the 50th Tevis!

Michel Bloch


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