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[RC] A picture is worth a thousand words - OT - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

I'm not very good about watching the news. In fact, I hate it and try to avoid it. I only avoid depression by avoiding anything depressing. It's something I fight with daily. But tonight, while switching channels to find something interesting to watch, I could not help but stumble across news pictures of the tsunami aftermath in south Asia.
I was all prepared tonight to open a bottle of champagne and toast in a New Year. Instead now I feel empty and sad for the survivors. Seeing a man reply that he did not know how he felt, having lost his wife, his two daughters and his brother, only because he'd been called away to put out a fire in a nearby village, was heart wrenching. Not to mention watching hundreds of people run to any truck that might have food in it. I can not even begin to imagine myself in that situation.
It prompted me to realize that I had not even thought about making any donation to help. I went immediately to www.RedCross.org and did the deed. It's all I can do from my position across the world. After all, I know there are those who would contribute for me, if disaster fell in this part of the world.
As many others across the world are turning their New Year's celebration into a memorial service, I think that I also, will be doing the same thing. And feeling myself blessed to still have a happy, healthy family. We are all so lucky, no matter our stature or lack thereof, just to be alive.
I would hope that we will all take a moment of silence tonight in honor of those who lost their lives, for those who must go on without their lost loved ones, and for the rest of the world who was lucky enough to have missed this natural disaster.
Jackie Floyd