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Re: [RC] $ cost of shoeing - Sisu West Ranch

If you really want to learn about hoof care, and to help your horse I suggest:

1. Buy a book on shoeing. Most tack stores and bunches of mail order places have them. This will teach you what the terms are and start the process of understanding what a farier does. Do not get a "natural balence" or "barefoot" book, unless your farrier is doing a "natural balence" trim (very unlikely) now. The methods are different than the time proven standard method and will confuse you.
2. Make sure you are at the barn when the farrier comes to shoe, even if you have to take off work. Watch what is being done. Ask neutral questions. What are you doing now? What angles does this horse require? Tell him your use for the horse, ask him if he has suggestions. Generally act like you are interested in learning about his craft.
3. Purchase a set of farrier tools. Good nippers, rasp, nails, hammer, puller, clincher.

Over the next year or two:
4. Have your farrier guide you through pulling a shoe. You need to be able to do this in case you have a lost (or worse yet a partly lost) shoe.
5. Have your farrier show you how to tighten a loose shoe. This is real handy and can save a ride.

After you have mastered the above, that every horseperson should know, if your interest werants.:

6. Have your farrier show you how to pull a nail and put a new nail in the same hole. This also can save a ride when a shoe is very worn and the nails are pulling through the holes.

If you are really adventurous, you can then pull your own shoes at the end of the ride season and do a trim for the winter.

Some strength and grip is required for farrier work. Many (but not all) women find their hands are to small to use nippers properly. Higher quality nippers are much easier to use.

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[RC] $ cost of shoeing, Christina McCarthy