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RE: [RC] Feeding Questions--Ration Plus - Mike Sofen

I looked up Ration Plus and found that it “is a source of microbial fermentation by-products. It does not contain live microorganisms. Ration Plus is derived by culturing Lactobacillus acidophilus in a nutrient media.”


Now the best info I have to date is that there is no science supporting a benefit from non-live microbials for horses, that only live microbials have proven effect.  I’m hoping one of the vets or researchers on the list can clarify this.


The product sounds great, your experience with it is undeniable, and Cory is a top vet.  The question for me – is it really working, and how?


Mike Sofen




A few years back we had a colic and Cory Soltau, DVM was out and told me if I used Ration Plus I could avoid a great many colics and by golly, it's proven to be true.  My 23 y/o mare looks fantastic and holds her weight as does our highstrung NSH who has had problems with weight, prior to using that product. (I must add that at the first sign of anything "off" I give the horse homeopathic Aconitum Napellitum 3 times every 15 minutes in the 30C dose: works like a champ.)  Anyway, on EBay you can buy Ration Plus in various sizes at greatly reduced rates...much cheaper than buying the 16 oz. bottle from the vendors.  Now, if someone could just tell me how to stop this UNDERLINING dilemma I'd be in good shape :-)  Best to you all,

    Jill Cohn in Berkeley, CA

[RC] Feeding Questions--Ration Plus, Jillcohndc