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Re: [RC] great ride, if only i can catch him..... - Sisu West Ranch

The chase until he gets tired will only work in a confined area.  I have always had a small coral next to the pasture.  Usually, the easy catcher will come in for feed by calling.  I tie them up and let them start feeding.  It doesn't take to long for the hard to catch to also come into the coral, especially if you are not looking at him/her.  Then you can close the gate.  At this point, the John Lyons make them move until they want to stop and face you will work.
The last time I had to do this was when Marla was 2.  She suddenly decided that she would not be caught.  We had about 3 nights of round and round before it sunk in that she either allowed herself to be haultered or would have to work.
On occasion Raj will play hard to get.  I usually just shut the gate and go about my business.  When he realizes that the others are eating, he comes to the gate.  Usually he misses his grain.  The next night he is the first one in.
Unfortunately, catching horses involves a lot of horse and human body language.  It is one of those things that is really hard to put into words.
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[RC] great ride, if only i can catch him....., LTYearwood