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[RC] Feeding Questions - Val Nicoson

Just attended an equine nutrition seminar that is
shedding new light on the feeding of horses and would
thoughts on this new program from others.  I may
decide to go with the one-rat study on my own horse to
see whether I see any improvement or not.
The program is to get away from any kind of "complete"
feed and go back to primary basics.  Essentially Beet
Pulp (yeah!), flax, plain oats or barley and a
chelated one-a-day vitamin/mineral supplement.
This program states that horses are unable to digest
grain...period.  To do so they said that any kind of
grain fed (oats, fax and of course BP) should be
soaked for up to 6-8 hours.  When asked about heat and
humidity in the summer she said that as long as you
don't make it ahead by more than one feeding that it
should be fine (I kinda doubt this part).
Additionally, adding any supplements at all that are
not chelated means they cancel one another out and
does little if any good for the horse, aside from
expensive manure.
So...how long are you soaking your BP?  What are your
thoughts on this idea of lengthy soaking...to include
oats, flax, etc.  They felt that flax should also be
soaked vs ground as the centrifugal force of grinding
(even if fed right away) destroys the essential
One of the many reasons this person has created this
program is the number of horses with intestinal, colic
and Cushing's symptoms that have prevailed in the
recent past...in addition to colic as well.
Am hoping Susan G and/or any other vets or
nutritionists will chime in here.
The lady that did the seminar is Gabrielle Sutton from
Toronto Canada..her website is
Although she is from a Dressage background she has
seen tremendous improvements in dressage horses at
various barns that have gone with her program.  I
can't afford to go 100% on the program but thought I
could tweak it to fit my budget.  Oh, and she has
worked closely with the ABC supplement company on this
as well, and I feel that some of you use supplements
from this company.

Thanks for your inputs,

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