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Re: [RC] Evaluating Potential 100 Mile Prospect - Truman Prevatt

Metabolics and desire.  No vet can tell you that. They can look at soundness  and conformation. You can't tell either until you hit 80 miles on your first 100. 

Good luck

Carolyn Burgess wrote:
Hi All:

I found my 100 mile prospect and she is being vetted
in the next week or two.  For those of you who have
their 100 mile horse, what was the most important
feature that your horse exhibited that made you think
that they would be a potential 100 mile horse and did
that actually turn out to be a good indicator that
they were 100 mile material?  BTW, this horse is not
an Arab, but she sure looks and acts like one,
including flipping her tail up and over her back.

I did a fairly decent job assessing the capabilities
of my current 50 miler, but of course, I am always
looking for other perpectives than mine.  Thanks,

Carolyn Burgess 
Email: carolyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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[RC] Evaluating Potential 100 Mile Prospect, Carolyn Burgess