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Re: [RC] Managing 'toomanyhorses...' - Karla Watson

Sadly, we felt that if no one rides the extra horses, loves them, gives them a "job"...Arabs do like a job...then they should be sold to someone who will. If I love them that much I do what is best for them. Or they can just become "pets." But if they are still young I can't stand to see them standing in the pasture doing nothing. This is the hard lessons my daughters have had to learn about extra horses at our place. They cost a fair amount of money to keep them and if you cannot afford them all, then they all sort of suffer a little bit. You end up not giving them the top care you want cause your finances get low. We just could not afford extra horses. So we are down to one horse per girl (2 kids and me!) and my husband just borrows one of ours to do his occasional rides. If one gets laid up and can't go to a ride, we borrow each others horses. Having a spare horse just didn't work out for us. He got neglected and not ridden much. Now he is the only horse for a lady who adores him. He deserved that. Good luck with your decision. Its never an easy one.
------Karla Watson/Portland, Oregon
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 7:37 AM
Subject: [RC] Managing 'toomanyhorses...'

   Sort of hypothetical, but not, as I get this undercurrent from family
members and non horse lovers--
   How many of you had, have or did have--situations where you had more than
one horse--(like you can ride one at a time, one rider one horse?)
     But they were 'family members, love of your lifes, etc' (non livestock
people here of course).Of course the finaces  are more of a problem if you
don't have land or a high income.
So if you have a couple hroses and one rides alot and others lose interest
or only ride occasionally , what did you do, and why?--Or if you can't
decide,if you should keep them all, did you or not?

    Did you even move (like I am planning on to cut living costs, get more
pasture and have more places to ride--not to mention fleeing from  this
monster city)

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[RC] Managing 'toomanyhorses...', Laurie Durgin