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[RC] shadow Rolls - Jonni

Just a consideration on Shadow rolls....with no first had trial and error experience. If they wear a shadow roll to keep from seeing that "scary white rock", what keeps it from blocking their view and being able to see the not so scary rocks in the trail that they might need to watch where they place their feet?
Race horses use them to not see the "shadow" of things across the track right in front of them, such as a shadow from a tall pole. (don't want the horse to think it is something they need to jump or spook at). But, they have perfect footing, and don't need to look out for rough going, rocks, limbs, snakes or what ever else they might need to avoid.
True Shadow rolls, used on the track are pretty big and fluffy. Much larger diameter than the fuzzy halter tubes, than many use on hackamores to keep the horse from getting rubbed.