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RE: [RC] cornea ulcer..do you have any suggestions - Libby & Quentin Llop DVM

    Have your vet consult w/ the opthalmologist at the area Veterinary school.  Sometimes there is devitalised corneal surface cells that need to be gently scraped away with a sterile q-tip.  It makes the ulcer initially bigger, but promotes healing.  This situation IMHO is more likely to occur if cortisone (or derivatives) was used prematurely: a big No-No, which is why you hire a vet for every red eye to test for internal eye inflamation or an ulcer.
(My first employer came from the pre-antibiotic area.   He kept cod liver oil to put drops into the non healing ulcers.)
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From: Colleen Clark [mailto:ccnidaho@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: cornea ulcer..do you have any suggestions


I am into 3 - 4 weeks trying to heal up a cornea ulcer.

Thought it was healed last week..but 3 days ago it showed up again.

Yesterday I began administering 3 drops of Ciprofloxacin antibiotics every hour, and Terramycin 4 times a day. 

The eye looks better today and my mare is opening her eye and it?s not swollen.

The blue fogged area in the eye is the size of a large pea.  I can?t really see a hole.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help heal this up faster.

Thank you, Colleen

RE: [RC] cornea ulcer..do you have any suggestions, ColleenSupersat2