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[RC] Re:A Newbie POV - Julie Fuller

I've read all the posts about this raging topic, and I think this gal Corrine is onto something!

Indeed, why does weight matter at all, when taken into context with the "finish is to win" philosophy?

It doesn't.

If you are training your horse and riding it at the rides to the best of your combined abilities, weight doesn't matter. It's just another varible which can separate the "men from the boys" so to speak. Weight shouldn't matter during a ride, and it shouldn't matter for BC. Like she said, it's about horsemanship.... and to me, BC is the only award that means anything. Because it's about doing the best job you can with your horse on that day. All variables considered.

Weight catagories only makes sense as Corrine says... if everyone rides with the same weight. And granted, in any weight class, those riding are competing with others in the same weight class, but , as Julie Suhr points out... it sure takes away from the importance of any standings if there are so many catagories.

Another thing to consider is whether or not we want this sport to change into something much more monitored... or not. Do we want a governing body to tell us how much weight we must carry in order to compete? Which saddles, bits and headstalls we can or cannot use? How many waterbottles, which saddle pads? I sure as hell don't. If I can't ride my horse well and safely using my own judgement and knowledge of that horse, I won't be at a ride. It's my call. I'm responsible.

At some point there will probably be enough rules and regs to keep everyone and their horse from ever making a mistake. Then it won't be the same sport at all, will it? It'll be more like FEI or CTR, and while I don't have a problem with those governing bodies, I personally don't want to ride like that. I would like to see fewer rules, and more horsemanship. If it gets to the point where the rules take away my ability to be a horseman, I won't be there to see it. I'll be riding hard, fast, and heavy somewhere in the mountains, relying on my judgement and skill as a horseman to see that my horse and I get home safely.



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