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[RC] Weight Divisions - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Karen Nelson knelson@xxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have the rules for weighing in at the end/start of a ride been changed?

When I was chasing points in 1988 on Sierra Fadwah, the rules said that I got 
weighed with whatever the HORSE carried all day long, but NOT water in my 
bottles.  Since I carry 2 bottles in a fanny pack (now- not in 1988), and 2 on 
the saddle, they hold 22 oz each, making 88 oz if full, that would = 5 1/2 
pounds of water alone.  I always weighed with whatever jackets I wore at the 
start, which I carried all day, and always with the water bottles empty when I 
scaled at the finish line. The only item that was always different from the 
start of the ride to the finish was the saddle pad, which would be heavier with 
horse sweat.
I now usually declare a weight division lower than my actual weight, as my 
weight has yo-yoed all my life.  I ride as a LW now, but I could qualify on 
most days as a HW.  When I raced Fadwah, I rode as a MW, and was active enough 
to hold my body weight below 135, but I always ride with an Aussie saddle, 
which is heavier.

If the horse carries the easy boots, Leatherman, bridle with bit, etc, I think 
it should be weighed.

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