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Geez, I'm a darned criminal! Well Heidi, I can't remember a time I've
ever gotten off to "go" in competition (in the middle of a loop), and
seldom need to go more than once during a 50 despite drinking LOTS of
fluids....can actually guzzle Cokes the average 5 hr. drive home without
needing a rest stop either so must be a heck of a sweater...which makes
no sense considering my inability to lose weight in competition. :-P
Honest to goodness...I have never felt even *sneaky* filling up those
waterbottles. Everybody I ever rode with refilled them at the
finish...just getting what they started the ride with. Was always well
within my weight division and don't think I ever won a BC by 2 points or
less so don't suppose we need to go back and correct any record books.
Won't do it in the future, but if I didn't know not to, surely there's
others who don't know not to?

One time I figured out how many GALLONS I had consumed before, during, and
after a 100-miler in the Oregon desert and I didn't have to pee until noon
the next day.  And being the desert and not an overly hot day, I was never
even aware that I was sweating...  I guess that was an eye-opener to me--I
realized that I needed to drink even MORE than I was already drinking.  We
worry about our horses if they don't have to pee at some point--there's a
good reason for that.  Admittedly I don't often have to "go" in the middle
of a loop (but I HAVE managed to hydrate myself that well a couple of
times), but I'm getting much better about having to "go" at at least one
vet check during the day.  And as inconvenient as that may be sometimes, I
figure it is a good sign that I'm finally taking better care of myself. 
Lord knows I've reached a point in life where my riding ability isn't as
spiffy as it used to be, so for my horse's sake, I've been trying to do
better.  I had more "capability to burn" in younger (and healthier
years)--but perhaps "burning" that capability by not taking care of myself
helped to contribute to being less capable now.  Who knows.  Anyway--I'm a
pardner on the team, and my horse deserves a pardner that can pass the
"EDPP" test, I figure..



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