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Re: [RC] Calm Down paste - Karla Watson

Also email or call the ride manager and ask if the first loop has hills in the beginning of the ride. Try to find a first ride that does. Helps a lot to have some hills to get the sillys out of them. Slows them right down.;-)
Also, find some local trail rides, poker rides, organized rides and attend them. They usually have a lot of horses and are going rather slow. Its GREAT training to get their mind on s-l-o-w. But its great training to get them used to large groups of horses at one place that can normally flip out a lot of green horses.
Try to find others to ride with--even if its not other endurance riders. Its very important and many of us endurance riders do this to help train our horses. They get used to groups trotting and cantering, having people pass or passing others. The horses may flip out for the first few times but do get used to the chaos. We call it controlled chaos and its much better to have it happen at home than at a ride. Its good to get them used to it cause its not only the start of the ride, its having riders pass you during the ride. Many go flying past you and some are not as polite as others. Sometimes the trail is narrow and they trot past you very close. Some rides have common trail to and from camp so riders will fly past you from the opposite direction too. Try to find others to ride with and mimic this at home to save yourself and others from accidents.
--------Karla Watson/Portland, Oregon
It just takes practice and time. You don't have to
rush out with the pack. You can hold back and go out
on trail after the big bunch of horses have gone out.

--- Deblyons54@xxxxxxx wrote

> My husband and I ride by ourselves a lot and our
> horses are kind of 
> underexposed to lots of strange horses and
> excitement while on a ride. I  would like
> to take our horses on a limited distance ride or
> similar but I know  they will
> both be going nuts at the start of the ride and am
> not willing to get  hurt.
> Has anyone had any experience using "calm down
> paste" while riding?  Thanks

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres


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