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Re: [RC] Scissor mount - DaNel Resha

I'm in the process of learning PHN.  I took a 16.1 T-bred gelding to a lvl 1 clinic 2 years ago.  He was so great.  He is now at a better home in Florida with warmer weather. 
He was a rescue horse that was being starved to death that I nourished back to health.  He was abandoned because he developed arthritus and could no longer be a show jumper.  (Some people just don't need to own a horse)
I'm currently working with my 4 1/2 yr old gelding and I'm going to a PHN clinic in November with him. 
DaNel Resha

Txponygirls@xxxxxxx wrote:
YEA! I love it! I ride almost exclusively bareback, and I can still do the scissor mount (yes, even though I am a grandma) Even on my daughters 16.2 paint! BUT: I can no longer do the over the rump. I don't know how I lost it, but I just can't do it anymore. With the scissor thing, for me, I really have to have that right leg swinging, or it can be mighty sloppy! My three yr old stallion is the best for teaching people to mount like this. (thanks to PHN) He is a ROCK! My partner has been trying to learn, and really crawls all over him! Sorta "uunches" up using his front leg! Gotta love horses. They must love us back, or they certainly wouldn't put up with half the crap they do!
Steph in TX

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[RC] Scissor mount, Txponygirls