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Re: [RC] Fear - Chris Paus

I've had some bad scares too. A few years ago, before
I got into Arabs, I had an Appy gelding I hoped would
be my endurance horse.

Nothing any of my Arabs has done could match the bad
behavior of that guy! We parted company when he reared
up and went over backwards on top of me. I was very
lucky to be alive when he got off me. It was the
moment when I learned a tie down does not stop a
rearer from rearing.

It took me about 3 months to recover physically from
that accident and about a year to recover mentally and
emotionally. Of course, I replaced that wacky appy
(nothing against appies, one of my best mares ever was
an appy) with Star... sigh, and those of you who know
him, know he's not exactly a confidence building

But somehow I just perservered and learned to ride
that horse and got over my fears. I came off him 11
times our first year together from his leaping
sideways in a new york second over anything and

We had some good years together and some really good
rides when I got hurt by another horse, not him. I
dismounted badly off a horse I was trying, and trashed
my knee. Had meniscus surgery, and the knee has never
been right since.

After my knee surgery I went through another period of
being really afraid to ride. I was really afraid to
get hurt again. Knees are such a painful thing. Then
the worst thing happened, a wild turky flew up right
under me and Star, he did his patented Arab sideways
leap and I was airborn. But as I assessed the
situation laying onthe ground, I realized I really
wasn't hurt. My knee was Ok. The only thing that hurt
was my pride. I think that fall was the best thing
that happened because it showed me I could fall off
and be OK.

Now I'm cautious, but not fearful. 

However, I'm really glad my young mare is not a spooky
horse. I'm getting too old to be a lawn dart.!


"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] Fear, DeborahHuebsch