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Re: [RC] elevator ride thoughts - LOUISE BURTON

Two reasons:
One reason that wt division, top ten points are not given is that it could make for unfair competition.  A 50 mile rider would not have any way of knowing whether the elevator person is acutally competing with him/her or not. 
Another reason is the thought that if you don't know "if you can do" a 50, you don't have any business in the top ten!
Pretty good reasons, IMO.
Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Arabians

Susan Young <glenn218@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm with you there Dot.  I AM having a ride and am seriously considering making it an elevator ride.  My ride is so close to the start of the season that many LD'ers wouldn't normally consider moving up.  However, the trail is relatively easy and the weather is metabolically forgiving; it'd be the perfect ride to move on up.
I've never understood (or agreed with what I've been told) the reason for not allowing the bonus points for someone who elevated.  They pay the same amount of money; they cover the same trail; they do everything exactly the same as the other endurance riders.  Why wouldn't they get the same points.
I really liked your idea about giving a special award to those who do move up.  It is a big deal (IMHO). 
What can we do about awarding bonus points?  Is there any GOOD reason why bonus points aren't awarded?

Dot Wiggins <dotwgns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Riders that elevate only qualify for completion and miles, no matter what
the order of finish may be. Does this include weight division points also?
(I don't have a rule book handy)

If one is doing well enough at one distance to feel comfortable moving up,
he is probably doing well enough to gain bonus points at the present
distance, at least wgt division points. There is not much incentive to jump
up just for mileage.

Is there a practical way around this?

If I was to sanction a ride now (believe me I'm not) I would do an elevator
with an extra award for any one who succeeded in moving up.

Susan [Young], The Princess of Pink
Semper Obliquo (Always aside)

Glenndale Grace Farm, Ft Gibson, Oklahoma U.S.A.

"Ride on! Rough-shod if need be, smooth-shod if that will do, but ride on! Ride on over all obstacles, and win the race!" - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

Re: [RC] elevator ride thoughts, Susan Young