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Re: [RC] 'pound dog' mentality for horses? - Lynne Glazer

Can you see the flames from here? The article is not on their website, I'll go down the hill and check it out for myself. It's *against the law* to trip mares, among other restrictions. That's what happened to my Olympia! Double rope burns on 3 of 4 feet, a wood splinter wedged 1 inch into her chest, a 5 inch long, one inch wide cut on one knee, headshy from being chute-loaded and taken to the charreadas...a lot of rehab was required to make her back into the sane horse she had formerly been.

I shoot for the Times sometimes, and once I find out the facts, I'm going to do some sho'nuff hollering if it's indeed true. It may be that the charros will be very unhappy to hear that the event that is against the law was reported on.

The event was called the "mangana" I believe. Gifted charros can lay them down without landing them on the point of shoulder, but I am outraged to hear it both sanctioned and promoted. The charreadas were underground for many years after the law was put into effect.


On Sep 4, 2004, at 8:14 AM, SandyDSA@xxxxxxx wrote:

As an addendum to this topic, I was horrified this morning to see on the front page of the Times an article praising the burgeoning charro activity here in Lo Cal - specifically mentioning the rope tricks - "lassoing the front legs of a galloping mare; Points are scored for elegance and creativity." Having inadvertently seen this particular activity years ago, and also understanding that the huge and preferred number of these mares are smallish Arabians, (easy to trip, I understand, thus making these cowboys feel successful), one wonders just how many of these end up at auctions when their "career" is over. I imagine that being yanked off fo one's feet regularly soon does some permanent damage both to the body and the mind. While I do know some of these poor mares end up in rescue homes, it would seem logical that a great many more do not. Aside from the obvious indignity and cruelty of this "sport", I cannot imagine they would make great candidates for endurance, though not of their own doing. TO me, that is a risk. As Heidi said, rescue a horse and enjoy that, just?like rescuing a dog at the shelter; but to rescue them with the goal to compete in the very rugged sport of endurance....ouch!

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Re: [RC] 'pound dog' mentality for horses?, SandyDSA