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Re: [RC] Defiant, rearing mare - Marv Walker

Rearing is one of the most dangerous of all dangerous horse actions.  Before going any further with this horse, find a trainer who practices Natural Horsemanship, using the methods perfected by either Pat Parelli or Clinton Anderson.

Be absolutely certain it is a behavioral issue before going
this route.

The more I work with problem horses the more I am convinced
rearing, bucking and a number of other little nasties are more
often caused by physical issues than anything else.

Oh, sure, fear and attitude are sometimes involved but before
I'd suspect those, I'd sure be going over the animal with a fine
toothed eye.

Can physical issues be over-ridden with training?  On the
surface, yes, on occasion.  Training solutions to a physical
problem only mask and when the mask falls off, it isn't pretty.

Marv "A horsepower is 550 foot-pounds per second? Whose
feet are doing the pounding?" Walker

[RC] Defiant, rearing mare, Ridecamp Guest