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Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

When we built our house and corrals nine years ago I put much thought into what we going to do, having seen my father go through many different configurations of fencing growing up. The one thing that I had seen work out at a stables I visited was chain length fence with hot wire along the top. Not really conventional horse fencing but it worked. So that's what we did. Nine years later it still looks pretty darn good and the horses stay away from it. The only dents I have in it are from the times I've accidentally left the hot wire off for a day or two. One thinks Jurassic Park at this point because somehow they know ... nothing like getting out or anything but that's their cue to stick their necks over and reach the grass on the other side of the fence. So I do have a couple of slightly rounded top rails but other than that, it's been a success story.
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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 7:08 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing

The majority of my fencing is four rail ir corral board nailed onto pressure treated posts.  Then two coats of paint.....sure  "ooked purdy" for a year, but big mistake.   IF I had it all over to do again, I would go Horse no-clilmb wire with a top rail of pressure treated wood.......and still be prepared to back up the whole thing with electric as horses just love to rub their
butts on horse wire.....and no matter how nice and tight and stretched it is in the beginning......they will bend and sag the
heck out of it.
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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 7:05 AM
Subject: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing

OK ridecampers; some of you gave me some great tips when I was into building my new barn.  I now need some more tips.  I am into replacing all the fencing in the barn area that was taken away.  I bought horse wire since I know that cattle wire is a pain since  I was into helping the equine critters lift their hooves out when they would put them through that cattle woven wire fencing.....horse wiring will stop that.  Now I don't want barb wire at the top as I have had ....but would prefer to have boards at the top.  Ok, my question is should I use treated or untreated?  My horses are free to come and go on numerous acres...so I have never had a chewing or other problems dealing with boredum....but just in case...should I avoid the treated boards?  Help me please ridecampers.
Betty DeMar Mueller

[RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing, Betty Demar Mueller
Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing, Karen Sullivan