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Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing - Karen Sullivan

Barbara, I certainly do agree with you.  All my paddocks around the barn are pipe...but horses can be hard on pipe too....have to have really thick gague pipe!  I was thinking more of big pasture fences (post and no climb)
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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 8:16 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing

It may be too late for this answer, but here is my observation......
We are in the lumber business; we manufacture it, so it is readily available to us.  After replacing rotten and chewed posts for years, after replacing chewed fence boards, I finally persuaded my husband to put out the money to buy galvanized corral panels to enclose our horses.  They are six-rail panels and we've had them for many, many years.  I could never go back to wood.  There is no upkeep,  no nails, no worries.  The only troubles we have had with any of the panels was when a tree or a branch of a tree fell on them.  Of course they will dent badly under those circumstances, but my husband has both a welder and an acetylene torch.  He can return them to complete usefulness, if not original beauty.  I'm big into "no maintenance".  There is so little time in our lives, with all else we do, to replace fence posts and boards around horse paddocks.  Now with the cattle, that's another matter.  Where we are dealing with miles of fencing, or working corrals, we build these of posts and boards.  Cattle are not known to breakfast on wooden boards.  You say that your horses are free to come and go and that they would not chew, but all you need is a chewing horse introduced into your collection, and the others will likely pick up the habit.  Well, this is my opinion and experience.  Take it for what you will.
FYI, we live near the ocean, so moist and salty air contributes to rotting, as well as acidic soil (from redwood trees).  If you live where it is dry, you may not have the same issues we do.
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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 7:05 AM
Subject: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing

OK ridecampers; some of you gave me some great tips when I was into building my new barn.  I now need some more tips.  I am into replacing all the fencing in the barn area that was taken away.  I bought horse wire since I know that cattle wire is a pain since  I was into helping the equine critters lift their hooves out when they would put them through that cattle woven wire fencing.....horse wiring will stop that.  Now I don't want barb wire at the top as I have had ....but would prefer to have boards at the top.  Ok, my question is should I use treated or untreated?  My horses are free to come and go on numerous acres...so I have never had a chewing or other problems dealing with boredum....but just in case...should I avoid the treated boards?  Help me please ridecampers.
Betty DeMar Mueller

[RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing, Betty Demar Mueller
Re: [RC] Boards At The Top of Fencing, Barbara McCrary