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[RC] Manetamers /diet/ hairloss ?? - Laurie Durgin

Well, dang.Rascals mane grewa nd he kept it a year at mid neck. last week he'd lost it again (this and other horses --had pinned it down to ;Insects or /and hay ring.
I did catch him and Honey ,who has a bald spot too, rubbing on the barn doors (they are out 24/7 with shed /barn access freely. We do have 'wet spots' semi creek, springs on property. We do get flys, mysquitos, gnats etc.(using fly predators)
Back to putting MTG on it. Again. But I did notice these black small flies lately and wonder if that may be it. I of course noticed too late.
I am thinking of using mane tamers or something , so they don't have 6" of mane missing forever on neck.
Now last year he kept and grew his mane out with almost no loss. Here is what I did different. He was getting Red cell, MSN, some selemium and beta creotene and some C,a nd 10,000 E gels. for a while as he was being treated for EPM. he had a really shiny coat .
Now I had backed him off all but 5,000 E (misssed it onec eor twice) and cut the MSN to 1/2 EOD usually. He gets mainly fescue/bermuda grown in eastern Alabama. Maybe 2 lbs of Nutreena Compete adn a lb. beet pulp. But when the grass grew this year , he needed nothing but hay and grass for a couple weeks.
When flies are bad they have fly sheets, barn access and Warpaint.
So am wondering if long term mane tamers are useful-- Or if they are missing something in the diet----
But it was jsut this last two weeks , so what ever it is, I am closer to pinning down the cause. (Vets said , maybe allergy--sweet itch, or hayring--they couldn't figure it out, not fungus though as they tested.)
I also worm on 8-12 week schedule>
I am wondering is the "red cell" kept it at bay???--Something worked last year, as it was the first year in 3 he hadn't lost his mane--but Honey still lost her 6"though not as bad....

I am thinking something is missing in the diet, that I added that protected him last year ,that I cut out.WNW Georgia.

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