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[RC] Tevis Bound...????? Part 2 - Patrick Allen/Evelyn Hartman

Pat had planned our trip, where we would stay each night, that is before we started. We soon found out that the gas tank overflow recovery tube had a leak in it thus limiting how much gas we could put in it making it necessary to stop for gas more often.
    We stayed in the KOA campgrounds in Lost Hills, just outside of Bakersfield on Monday night. The campground in Auburn was where we stayed on Tuesday night. Wednesday was a very exciting day for me.....that night we would be at the Tevis.
    We headed for Truckee to get the last of our groceries and stock up on ice. When we left the store parking lot my heart was singing.....only a few more miles and we would be there. I was so looking forward to seeing all of you, making new friends and renewing others.
    We followed the directions printed off the Tevis website and turned off on Mt. Watson Rd. and started up the hill. Got about 2 miles up the hill and the engine vapor locked causing us to loose all power, brakes, power steering, everything. Nothing but the incredible driving skills of Pat, who has been a Professional Truck Driver all of his life, saved us from a horrible crash. As luck would have it, the grace of God, or our Guardian Angel, he was able to steer the motorhome onto a small gravel area at the side of the road.
    When we finally came to a stop our hearts were in our throats with fear and disbelief at what had just happened. What to do now? Pat opened the hood to let the engine cool off although the gauges weren't reading hot. 
    We sat there for over an hour trying to think of what to do. I got out and walked aways up the hill and could see that it just kept curving and going up. We got it started again and decided to try it one more time. Got only half as far as the first time and the same thing happened only this time there was a car coming up behind us and one coming very fast down the hill at us. We were both screaming, STOP, STOP, as Pat once again managed to maneuver us back to the wide spot down the hill. Neither of the cars stopped.
    We sat some more. Beautiful setting, blue skies, warm breeze, orange butterflies flitting all around us, but for our situation a very frightful place to be. One man stopped, nothing he could do...didn't even know what Tevis was.
    We got the motorhome started again and managed to turn it around so we were facing down hill. 2 men with a horse trailer, going to Tevis stopped, said to go back down into Truckee if we could get there. Didn't get their names but thanks to who ever they were just for stopping when others didn't. A local stopped, having talked to the two men in the blue Dodge truck with the two horse trailer and said the same thing about going back into Truckee, he couldn't help as he had wife and 3 big dogs in his little car.
    We took a chance and started for Truckee, all downhill and got to a service station. Checked the transmission and the fluid was OK. Both the mechanic and Pat believed it to be a vapor lock which could have caused  the gas tank to implode.
Part 2 continued