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[RC] Tevis Bound????? Part 3 - Patrick Allen/Evelyn Hartman

    We started for Reno, as there were no places in Truckee that could help, all down hill. On the way up we had hit a chuck hole in the dark and the front end bottomed out, just made for a bumpy ride but something had happened when we rolled back down the hill and now the ride was terrible.
    We went to the KOA campground at the Reno Hilton and spent Wednesday night there. Started calling and looking for a repair place...finally found Reno Sparks RV and Auto Repair. We can recommend them highly as they took really good care of us during the time we were there. We had them fix the gas tank, and found we needed a new spring that had broken and new shocks as one of them was broken also. 
    Pat had told me that we would go back and get to Tevis on Thursday but when the transmission start acting up and slipping like crazy on the way back to the campground it then become my need to explain to him that I was no longer thinking of being there so that he would take on no guilt for us not getting there.  
    We had borrowed the money from Pat's Aunt to fix the shocks, spring and the gas tank but now what do we do?????? We just sat and stared at each other, fear choking off our voices. I already had people waiting to get their items from me at Tevis but that didn't help the money situation now. I come from a very small family and only have one brother in AR that I haven't seen for 17 years, my children and parents are gone. Pat's Aunt was his only source and that had already been used.
    The business of, Just for "horsin-round", started 10 years ago and in that time I have made many lasting friends, some I even consider as family. There are several whom I have been privileged to have been let into their lives during divorce, rebirth of personality, deaths, and severe medical problems. I feel very touched that I could encourage and uplift them just by being available and listening, that they wanted my presence in their lives at such trying times and that they gained some comfort from me. It was to one of these friends that I now turned to in my time of need. 
    It wasn't till I heard Lee Vallone Beveridge's voice on the phone that I cried...till now I had shed no tears...numbness, disbelief and fear had kept my words and tears under tight control. Now the flood gates opened at her response to my tail of woe. Her answer.....".Are you and Pat Ok?....then the monies the easy part...sure". The relief and draining away of tensions...there are no words to describe our gratitude.
    Now begins the next repair process. The parts had to be ordered (transmission, radiator, water pump) and would be in on Monday....long weekend at the KOA with nowhere to go, one didn't come in so we stayed at their lot (Reno Sparks RV) and they gave us power for the motorhome. A new radiator was ordered and when it came in was too big, so the old one had to be sent out for recoring. We will spend another night here in their lot and hopefully be able to start for home Thursday morning.
    "Home", that place seems such a great distance away in both mileage and in attainability. It is now 7 days since we broke down. I am feeling like Alice and falling down the rabbit hole, a step on the other side of the door that leads to the Twilight Zone, hoping to wake up and find out this is just a nighttime nightmare instead of a daytime one.
    The physical and mental toll is great. The waiting, waiting with nothing to do. We, most of our lives, live with someone, work with others and have things happen in our daily lives that we can talk about to others. When you do nothing and see no one and there is nothing new to say.....this lack is weighing heavy on both of us.
    Oh goody, the owner just gave us the morning paper to read. On
Thursday last week the crank for the TV antenna fell out of the ceiling so we can't even watch TV. Pat is a consummate TV watcher.....can you imagine the withdrawals he is going through?????
    Pat and I are both HAM Radio operators (w6pea/w6ome) and there are two radios in this motorhome. One VHF and UHF bands and the other radio is HF bands. There is an electrical problem with the HF rig and he was unable to get it to tune the screw driver antenna. The VHF/UHF rig works fine but were unable to program local repeaters as Pat had forgotten his repeater directory at home. Our means of communications was very small. If he had been able to get the radios to work he could have been talking all day instead of fuming.    
    I brought 5 books with me and they have long been read. I bought a small crossword book and it is almost finished. I am writing this saga when my emotions will let me as my pen won't hardly write for some of these statements.
    Our dogs, Keaton and Lenny, have been just wonderful during all of this mess. The oldest one (Keaton) got real sick with separation anxiety the last time we boarded him so we brought both of them with us. At times things would have been so much easier and less stressful, no walking the dog for one,  if they hadn't been with us but as animal lovers and those that bond with four-legged creatures, I know you understand when I say they have brought us many times of levity and distraction that have helped turn our minds away from our reality.
    We have been here in Reno 3 times for the convention, while here we never got a chance to explore the city as we needed to get back to our regular jobs. Reno this time stayed unexplored also. The campground is on the Reno Hilton's property and they do have a shuttle service to and from. We used it twice to get a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.The repair shop is in an industrial complex and at 5:00 everyone leaves, no stores, no restaurants, no one here but us....kind of scary. We are about 6 long blocks from the Hilton and no shuttle service.
    Patience at this these times is sorely tested, waiting on others, a feeling of helplessness. For Pat, this is driving him crazy. He is also a Diabetic and stress causes his Blood Sugar Readings to go wild. I try to fix correct meals for him but we are running out of food and money to buy it.
    There are a lot of recriminations....should have done this, should have done that. Knowing the repairs are literally costing us more than we paid for the motorhome in the first place and that our debt will take forever to be paid off. Wanting something to make your life more comfortable and having it turn out this way, makes for a very bitter pill to swallow. 
Part 3 continued