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RE: [RC] Sponsorship - Howard Bramhall

And, to the lady who is so upset about them giving a Tevis belt buckle to the sponsor, and now thinks the one she earned isn't worth much: "You're so wrong." Your buckle is worth everything. Every endurance rider in the world knows how much that buckle is worth. To wear it strengthens one's soul. The one belt buckle I own (from the Leatherwood 50 miler) is the proudest endurance achievment (OK, I don't have many of those) me and my horse have ever achieved. I wear it with shorts and flip flops in the summertime down here. I used to sleep with it (wife though that was kinda weird).

There is a difference between earning that buckle as a rider and receiving it as a sponsor. An incredible difference. Please, don't feel that your buckle has diminished in meaning because a sponsor received one. It hasn't. I can guarantee you that Becky, from Florida, does not feel that way about hers. I bet she's wearing it the next time I run into her. The only way your buckle is diminished is by you thinking that way; you've allowed it to become less valuable to you because of an error made by those in charge of the Tevis ride. I do believe they will correct that error next year. Do not let the actions of others take away what you and your incredible horse accomplished out there. Don't let that happen!

Howard (yea, I'd be upset too, but, I'd still be awfullly proud to wear the darn thing)

----Original Message Follows---- From: "sherman" <sherman@xxxxxxx> To: "ridecamp" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [RC] [RC] Sponsorship Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 16:51:07 -0700

(I would stop with giving them a buckle though; those buckles are to
die for, and, some horses and folks actually have)  That should not be For

I think you got that right, Howard. The buckle should not be for sale in any shape or form. Give the sponsor a plaque, cup, or bowl, but not the buckle.
Grass Valley

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