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[RC] [RC] Tevis coverage - DreamWeaver

Yea Becky! What happened to Roxanne? Was it her or her horse? The way her pants looked worried me a little. ;)

I saw her at Michigan Bluff and she looked in really good spirits, stayed and let her horse eat for awhile. She was a little ahead of Becky then, and I left MB before Becky got there. We went up to FH and got more photos. Roxanne came in and it looked to me like she vetted thru okay, but maybe they wanted a recheck and then when she went back or maybe the first time (it gets hard to keep everybody straight with that many riders), they didn't like his skin tent or something. I felt really bad for her because I know how devastated she was by the look on her face, it just broke her heart to have it over. She held up really well though. At least she wasn't throwing herself on the ground kicking and screaming like some of us might have been. :^D

The hardest part about being at the Tevis is to witness first hand the heartbreak. There are so many people that have tried so hard to get there and put out so much work and effort, not just the riders but the horses and their families and their crewpeople. It's hard work for everybody.

On a positive note, at least Shar Po is fine, and Roxanne got to ride most of the trail between riding yesterday and some prerides she did. There isn't much you can say to make somebody feel better that didn't finish....hopefully they can get another shot at it if they decide they really want to do it. There were several riders there this year who were on their 3rd or 4th attempts. Some made it, some didn't.

Since I'm home, I went ahead and threw up the Foresthill photos. John must be busy today and hasn't gotten to it. That's okay, I really appreciate the help he gave yesterday in getting the photos up that I did get out (Thanks John!). I put them here: http://www.xprides.com/Foresthill/Foresthill.html for now. Looks like the Tevis photos site isn't working right now, so the other photos that Jackie put up on her server can be seen, and some of her albums (esp. from Robie Park) have captions and names to them: http://www.typef.com/tevis/ It may take us a few days but we will do our best to try and get names up with the photos that don't have them for now.



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