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RE: [RC] [RC] Alfalfa in his water at a ride? - terry banister

Or is it that he doesn't like the taste of the water out of the plastic trailer tank?
My horse won't drink it, and I am still trying to find a way. I added bleach and rinsed. Filled with clean water, added some apple-cider vinegar. That still didn't do it.

"May the Horse be  with you"

>From: "Nina Vasiliev" <rides4fun@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [RC] Alfalfa in his water at a ride?
>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 17:26:09 -0700
>First, some info...
>My horse doesn't fret at ridecamp. He is completely under control
>after the first mile or two at a ride; and even at the beginning
>listens to me pretty well...But at the last few rides I brought
>water from home in new triangular water tanks, the kind that strap
>into your tack room, and he didn't drink a drop.
>At the first ride it was a bit rainy. The next ride was warm.
>Now, he did drink from the public troughs that ridecamp had put out
>on ride day, but not a drop while tied to the high tie at our
>trailer, even at night. I did e-lyte him before we left for
>ridecamp. The journey was just 2 hours. I e-lyted again the night
>before and then the morning of the ride, and at lunch...He doesn't
>drink before 15 miles of the ride, but then is pretty good. He had
>good hydration as per the vets, but to me, he looked "sucked" up at
>the end of the ride. I walked him over to the public troughs every
>hour or so and he tanked up there. But not at the trailer.
>At home I board him and he gets fed Rye hay. I add beet pulp, one
>lb of SMF super supplement, biotin, flax seed, oil and salt. He
>gets extra hay a few days before the ride and I really salt his beet
>pulp in hopes that he will come to the ride hydrated.
>At one of the early vet checks, before he normally drinks, one of
>the riders added Alfalfa to the trough and Ramere ate up the soggy
>hay, and drank a touch. So my question is...
>Can I add a bit of alfalfa to his water bucket at my trailer, or
>since he doesn't usually get it at home is that asking for trouble?
>If I can add it, keeping in mind that I am in a hot area, should I
>dump the water if the alfalfa has been in soaking over night? Or if
>it's been in the water waiting for us to come in after the ride?
>He's never been a great drinker, but this season he's gotten more
>Nina Vasiliev
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