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[RC] bit question - Jonni Jewell

Catfish asked >>>Anyway, any useful bits that properly "aid" a horse, and
reminding them of what the "correct" response is, even if a herd of other
horses go galloping by?  <<<

Most of us will have a horse that gets very strong at a competition some
time or another. I used to see photos of Becky Hart riding Rio in a bit that
at the time, made me wonder why the horse needed "so much bit". Years later,
I had the opportunity to use bits similar to hers, and found out the
advantages. She used a bit that looked like the ones Linda Tellington-Jones
sells on her web site. You can find them in many tack stores. The great
advantage is you can ride with double reins, and have the aid of a snaffle
rein, to get the horse to carry themselves as you want. (round, balanced
etc.) and then you have the advantage of the curb rein, to engage leverage
on the bit if the horse gets strong. They are not the easiest bit for a
horse to eat and drink out of buckets with, but doable. I included the link
to Linda's bits, so you can see what they look like. In tack stores, you can
get different mouthpieces. Jointed, roller, common curb etc. Some of the
bits like these pinch the horses. We look for the ones that have the shanks
like the bit shown, and make sure we get a 5", even for the smaller Arabs.
Learning to ride with double reins takes a little practice, but after
awhile, is not that tough. When the horse is being good, you can just lay
the curb rein on the neck, and ride on the snaffle rein.  I used to ride
with double reins, pony another horse, and carry a crop. <grin> I think that
would be multi-tasking!



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