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[RC] Robert Ferrand - Trail Pal

I was curious as to who Robert Ferrand is, so I googled him!  Here's a
list of some of the sites, in the order that Google gave, along with a
brief description from me.  

 Ferrand got an award from "INC" magazine

 some background info on Ferrand from INC magazine

 this site has you make wire tracings, feeds it into Ferrand's 
 algorithm and comes up with an answer.

 Evidently Ferrand raced boats? before he was hooked by horses :-)

 His testimonial for Oracle's Small Business Suite

 the actual website, as linked to by another site 
 (I wonder why it didn't come up in Google?)

 an article written by a DVM.  Mentions the Saddle Tech System and
 Ferrand, but the product description is very different.  The article
 seems to be from the mid-nineties, so maybe it's an older
 implementation of Ferrand's idea.

 gives more details on the history and how the device works.

 On Endurance Net!

There are others, but I tried to select ones that were different from
each other.  One thing I would say to Mr Ferrand about his site - too
many capital letters!  Yikes, I feel like I'm getting a lecture!

Rosalie Marley
Ride the Tiger!

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