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[RC] Angie's 100 Mile comments & New Junior 100 Mile Award - rides2far

Are you riding for the Sport which includes all of the wonderful 
parts that come with horse ownership and riding?.Or are you riding for
Points & 
or other Awards or Gifts?


I think you have to remember why we give rewards or recognition. It's for
hopefully doing something commendable. If I just wanted a jacket, I'd go
buy a jacket. Yes, I want to win a jacket. Why? Because hopefully it's a
sign that I rode on days when it was hard to get out and ride. (Imagine
this folks, NOBODY really has time to condition but some do anyway) I was
diligent and caught little things and found a cure before they became big
things. I worked hard at staying focused during a ride on markers, my
riding, my horse, etc. etc. As a result of doing a lot of things well I
qualified for an award. I want to do a lot of things well. 

When I look at that jacket I have a feeling of accomplishment. The last
couple of years I have not "gone for a jacket". I know I have been a
slacker on conditioning of my horse and myself because of it. We can
complete without me putting as much into it as I did before. I enjoy
both, but I enjoy the quest for excellence more. If you do enough things
right you tend to end up in the points whether it's by going faster or
staying sound and attending more rides. You can do things wrong and get
up there too I guess but those awards wouldn't mean anything to me.
Yesterday I had some people coming to look at a pony we had for sale. I
cleaned my barn, and carefully hung hay bags, bale bags, blankets,
halters and crew bags that I'd won where the words showed. Heck yeah I'm
proud of them...I'm proud of the well ridden miles and rides that they
stand for, not what they are.


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Prudence and focus will carry you a long way on a horse. 
~  Frank Solano

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