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Re: [RC] Half-Endurance, Endurance, Ultra-Endurance - Timothy Worden


I know the 100s get 50% more points than 50s.  But if
people want to redefine the distance of
25-35?aka..Limited Distance, as Endurance, lets start
from the top down.  Maybe it?s just a ?half-full
half-empty? issue.  Frankly, I could care less if the
current system changes.  I?m there to ride my horse on
that day on that course which ever distance I choose
is available.  Being an part of an organization we
can?t just let people ride off willy-nilly and claim
they rode such and such distance, so we need some sort
of defining structure of competition.  Personally I
think our current structure is just fine.  But I guess
if change is inevitable, then lets start from the top,
being 100 mile events, and work down.  The main reason
I posted such an idea is because people keep comparing
what we do on horseback to what runners do.  I?m sure
there is some correlation, so I threw my idea on the
table.  Probably most of the over intellectual and
opinionated will just chew it up and spit it out?.as
usually happens on RideCamp.   What ever happens, it?s
not going to stop me from being an AERC member and
riding my horse on that particular course, that
particular day, be it 25 or 100miles.


--- Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Much of this is already in effect. The 100 mile
riders get 50% bounus 
points just because it is a 100.

Timothy Worden wrote:

According to the numbers, LD is a large and growing
population among AERC competitions....in some
more than others.   Does LD/Endurance need to be
redefined?  I think things are going pretty good as
they are.  But I do have some thoughts if the
structure of AERC and mileage definitions were to

Ok, lets say a vote passes and mileage for 25-35
events are now counted equal with 50-100 mile
endurance events.  That would do away with the "LD"
program by definition.  Now that mileage is counted
the one pot all we need to do is define a point
structure to go along with the mileage.  We'll say
100miles, we'll call it Ultra Endurance, is the
to receive full points for completion based on
placement and weight division.  Now 50-75 miles, we
call Endurance, will received half the base points
with regards to placing and weight that the Ultra
Endurance riders would receive.  Now the 25-35, or
Half Endurance, would receive a quarter of the
with regards to placing and weight that the Ultra
Endurance riders would receive.  Now we have one
system to base off of where riders would receive
end awards.  Awards can still be broken down into
National, Weight, and Region.

Along the same lines, the BC structure could be
off the same idea.  Each of the 3 distance events
want to avoid the term divisions) would have a BC. 
Again, Ultra BC receives full BC points, Endurance
half, and Half-Endurance received a quarter of the
points towards year end awards.

By my definition, I'm an Endurance rider.  But I
do a Half-Endurance ride and receive mileage and
points on my record, just not as many as Endurance
Ultra Endurance distance riders.  My ultimate goal
though is to become an Ultra-Endurance rider.  


It is how we "feel" deep inside that matters, cause
each of us knows the
truth, regardless of how we try make it
complicated.  It just isn't.
~ Frank Solano

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We imitate our masters only because we are not yet
masters ourselves, 
and only

because in doing so we learn the truth about what
cannot be imitated.


One would think that logic would prevail. But then, if logic did prevail,
men would ride sidesaddle. 
~  Bob Morris

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Re: [RC] Half-Endurance, Endurance, Ultra-Endurance, Truman Prevatt