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Fwd: Re: [RC] [PNER] 10 ways to recogize you may be hooked up w/an endurance junkie - Darlene Anderson

My Best Good Bear Friend, Terry, wrote this after one of my lastest rides. Should I be taking notes here?? >BG<

> 10 ways to recognize your partner may be a Endurance Junkie.
> There is no known cure for this affliction. I would suggest
> counseling for your-self to manage the afflicted partner.
> #1) Every room in your home is decorated by Ted & Joyce Brown.
> #2) there is no room in your refrigerator for human food as it is
> too full of jars of pre-mixed electrolytes & applesauce, ice-boots,
> & pails of soaking oats.
> #3) When you balance your check book you find that you paid more
> money to John & Steph Teeter than you paid on the mortgage for your
> house.
> #4) You ran out of gas this morning on the way to work because the
> afflicted partner siphoned all the gas out while you were sleeping
> to get to the next ride.
> #5) your partner shows up at your company Christmas party wearing
> riding tights, chaps, & hooded Kickitat Trek sweatshirt.

> #6) Knows the name of every horse at the Prineville Ride but can't
> remember your mother's name.
> #7) Wakes you up in the middle of the night screaming "LOOSE HORSE"
> #8) You have a new washer & dryer but have to drive to town laundry
> mat to do your own clothes cause yours are always full of horse hair.
> #9) The carpet in your house sprouts Alfalpha every seven days.
> #10) During sex with your partner they ask what "What Loop am I ON"

Or one person suggested for that question posed in #10 "How long is my hold time?"

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